Tax Law

The firm’s tax activity is structured around five main areas:


The tax team has developed solid experience in these areas, both in terms of advice and litigation. The team supports its clients by favouring a pragmatic approach to cases and by collaborating with the financial, accounting and legal teams. In particular, the tax team works very closely with the corporate law team to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients.


Our tax team is a member of the TPA (Transfer Pricing Associate).  It intervenes in diverse and complex cases of international tax thanks to its network of foreign correspondents which it has developed for more than 20 years across Europe, the US and Asia.


Corporate Taxation

  • International taxation, transfer pricing (choice of method, benchmarks, documentation, tax audits), taxation of flows (dividends, interest, royalties), localization of intangibles, cross-border restructuring;
  • Assistance and structuring of acquisitions / disposals, tax due diligence, tax structuring, tax analysis of financial simulations, liability guarantees, relations with banks;
  • Taxation of contracts (VAT, registration fees, withholding tax);
  • Corporate tax management (tax result, local taxation, VAT situation) and tax consolidation.
  • Assistance with investments outside France (coordination with our foreign colleagues, tax structure between France and the country of establishment);
  • Assistance with foreign investments in France (branch / subsidiary, debt, tax consolidation);
  • Relations with tax authorities (rulings, prior approval files); and
  • Tax audits: assistance, negotiation within the framework of hierarchical appeals, litigation before administrative courts.


Taxation of Managers and Entrepreneurs

  • Assistance in setting up LBOs: manager structure, financial incentive tools (BSPCE, AGA), I.E. management packages; and
  • Disposals of companies, capital gains and IFI issues, assistance in negotiations and post-sale monitoring.


Patrimonial and Personal Taxation

  • Wealth management;
  • Asset restructuring (donations, disposals, structuring of investments, real estate management);
  • IFI management;
  • Departure or arrival in France and management of tax residency;
  • Impatriation in France;
  • Taxation of non-residents;
  • Regularization of accounts abroad; and
  • Tax controls.


Taxation of Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Setting up of companies’ foundations;
  • Taxation of foundations in VAT, corporation tax, CET; and
  • Relations with tax authorities (rulings).


Local taxation

  • Local taxation;
  • Relations with tax authorities (rulings);
  • Real estate tax (taxe fonçière);
  • Business local tax (CVAE, CFE);
  • Taxation of public entities;
  • VAT issues; and
  • Corporate tax issues.