in 2022, the tax team of Stehlin & Associés merged with the corporate team of Everlaw to create a business law firm: Everlaw and Tax. One of the strengths of this combined team lies in the legal and tax support for M&A and Private Equity deals. Everlaw and Tax is a “boutique firm” that creates solutions which are carefully adapted to each situation.

The Firm brings together around fifteen professionals who have previously worked in the largest French and Anglo-American law firms and have many correspondents around the world. This new pluri-disciplinary team operates in all areas of business law in order to provide clients with pragmatic and effective assistance in the conduct of their business, whether in France or worldwide.

By combining their technical expertise and sectoral experience, the Firm’s lawyers work together in a dynamic and creative environment to implement projects as well as to resolve the issues encountered by clients, both in their daily business activities and in the context of complex transactions.

The involvement and proximity of the Firm’s lawyers with its clients makes them trusted partners who are often associated with a company’s strategic decisions and who intervene for  both financial investors (e.g. investment funds), as well as managers and executives.

Through its demanding and innovative vision of the legal profession, Everlaw and Tax is committed to offering the most concrete and effective solutions for its clients.

Commitments & Outlooks

Whatever our area of ​​expertise, we share a single working method based on listening and intellectual rigor. It is this requirement that drives us to always seek and find the best solutions.
Because we practice our profession with passion, we follow the latest news from our clients and we work alongside them to guarantee the greatest reactivity in our responses and the greatest acuity in our advice.
Law is constantly changing and evolving. Our thinking does not stop at the boundaries of commonly-adopted solutions. Rather, creativity is part of our culture and provides our clients with legal security.
Beyond a perfect understanding and application of the law lies the ability to adapt and approach issues through a global perspective. This is what makes a difference to our clients.
We are committed to building a close and lasting relationship with our clients. Within the Firm, we actively collaborate to share our ‘know-how’, keep each other informed of legal developments and enrich each other with our respective experiences.
We are used to dealing with issues by taking a practical and pragmatic approach, while always keeping our clients’ concerns at the centre of our business: creating growth and value, conquering new markets, and/or becoming part of responsible development.
Our commitment to diversity contributes to the richness, expertise and dynamism of the Firm, which has been recognised for advancing women in the workplace and the significant number of female partners at the Firm.
In both negotiations and litigation, our tenacity and our determination are unwavering.